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SUNYNet Services

SUNYNet Services

SUNYNet's Network Operations Center is staffed with personnel that can assist SUNY Campuses and Offices with all phases of network service planning, operations and administration. Our goal is to be an extension of your local IT staff and in addition to this, SUNYNet offers several managed and co-managed no-cost solutions for SUNY Campuses.

Please visit the links to the left for further information about each of our services.

Managed DNS has been a mainstay of SUNYNet's NOC offerings for years. Historically, an on-premise DNS server offered primary and secondary DNS services for campuses but as of Q1 2016, we are migrating the service to the cloud where we will continue to offer managed DNS and a new option for co-management of name space.

Mediasite is offered as a webcasting and video content delivery platform. Since Mediasite is used by many SUNY institutions, SUNYNet worked with Sonic Foundry to develop a multi-tenant Mediasite environment in System Administration’s datacenter where campuses who use Mediasite recorders are able to deliver and store their video content for on demand access.

Private Networking, coloquially known as 'SUNYNet' to our customers, is our secure wide-area networking solution that establishes encrypted LAN to LAN communication between SUNY Campuses and ITEC as well as System Administration. We develop customized deployment and configuration plans with local IT staff to ensure that all business requirements are met.

Network Performance Monitoring is soon to be offered through the SolarWinds suite of products. Hosted on-premises at System Administration, SUNYNet staff will provide performance monitoring, alerting and reporting on networked devices. This service is still in its early stages but we expect to see system-wide availability in 2016.

Network Planning and Operations support is available for general consultation, analysis and brainstorming. If we can't provide a direct solution, we deal with dozens of vendors and service providers state-wide with whom we might be able to facilitate a discussion that could satisfy a business need.

Videoconferencing (UVCS) service is offered via membership to a centralized registration environment that enables campuses to integrate on-premises videoconferencing equipment to a U-Wide address book. In addition to this, campuses experience a significant reduction in up front costs as the need to purchase edge or controller hardware is eliminated; SUNYNet provides these components as part of the service offering.


For further information, please contact SUNYNet Technology Services at 518-320-1202 or via the Contact Us form.